6 Creative Ways to Improve Productivity for Call Center Agents

6 Creative Ways to Improve Productivity for Call Center Agents

 Improving call center productivity by adapting processes, redefining KPI’s and using more sophisticated software is essential to simplify agents’ workflow and drive real-time results. But it can be complicated and time-consuming.

There are simpler ways and quick fixes to improve productivity for call center agents. These tactics can easily be put in place and don’t require a big budget. But most importantly, they all share the same goal of making agents feel more valuable and happier. 


1. Allow flexible schedules

Call center staff schedules can get a bit complicated. It’s common for agents to work long hours and often burn-out. As a result, this lowers productivity and hurts customer service.

By implementing a flexible shift model agents can maintain a healthy work-life balance and come to work fresh and energized.

2. Social events

Socializing, in general, helps coworkers better collaborate and sets the tone for a friendlier workplace. By carving out the time to let employees socialize, they’ll get the chance to exchange tips and tricks and gain greater insights.

3. Gamification

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to have fun at our job; however, by incorporating gaming concepts, we can tap into our playful nature and make the job feel less like work.

4. Cultural alignment

Culture is at the heart of every company. Even if we don’t see it, it is something everyone feels. By establishing a clear and defined company culture, agents can determine whether they are aligned with your company’s values or not. When agents are in line with the mission and vision of their company, they share the same goal and are more likely to be successful and excel in their job.

5. Coach for super agents

Don’t limit agents to being experts in one single particular area. Coach agents to become well-rounded experts who can assist a customer without having to transfer them to another department.
By doing so, the agent will feel that their job adds real value. As a bonus, customers will be happier that they didn’t get transferred around and were able to get their questions answered by a single person.

6. Friendly competition

Agents tend to work individually. Break the routing by forming teams and have them compete for a top prize. This is especially useful for retaining and engaging work at home staff
When done right, competition and teamwork is a powerful tool used to create team bonds and produce better outcomes.
 creative ways to IMPROVE_PRODUCTIVITY for call center agentes

What methods have you successfully implemented in your call center to improve productivity?

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