What Are Chatbots And How Are They Revolutionizing Customer Service?

What Are Chatbots And How Are They Revolutionizing Customer Service?

In the world of instant gratification, customer support has become crucial to the success of any company. Customers believe that a business should be able to respond to their queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A further 63.9% of consumers believe a company should be available and contactable via messaging applications.

But, how can you meet this impossible expectation when your staff need to go home, eat and sleep?

Many businesses have turned to technology like chatbots to solve this problem and meet this demanding level of customer service.

With the rise of chatbots and the popularity of messaging applications, investing in this service will help your contact center save money and deliver exceptional customer support. But, what are chatbots?


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What are chatbots?

A chatbot is an automated Conversational User Interface (CUI) used for various kinds of service on the Internet. The difference between chatbots and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) such as an app or website is that it offers information through text-based chat and leads conversations using natural language or buttons to advance the dialogue.

How will chatbots improve your customer service?

Chatbots Can Handle Basic Requests

How many hours a day do your customer service representatives spend answering the same questions over and over again? Help them save time and avoid this monotony by making use of the chatbot autoresponder function.

From “where is my order?” to “how much do you charge for shipping?”, you can streamline the answer process and eliminate the need for laborious menu sequences or phoning the contact centre.

Chatbots allow the customer to insert the question as is and receive a response instantaneously. Through its combination of Artificial Intelligence and rules-based Natural Language Understanding techniques, it can also ask the customer questions such as “what is your order number?” before looking up the answer in the backend.

Chatbots can carry out specialised tasks

Chatbots can be integrated into an existing platform like Slack to accomplish a variety of specialised tasks. It can achieve things that a human would not be able to do easily such as check the weather, call a cab or order fast food.

American fast food giant Taco Bell is already experimenting with this technology. Customers can place their orders from inside Slack (a team communication app) which improves the efficiency of customer service and saves everyone involved time.


Improved personalisation

One of the biggest buzzwords in business at the moment is personalization. Customers do not want to feel like just another number. They want to experience a unique interaction that is tailored to their preferences. Chatbots can help with this.

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If a customer is using a chatbot to help search a catalogue, the bot can not only handle the entire sales transaction, but it can also remember preferences for the next time the customer interacts with the bot.


Seamless mobile experience

As our smartphones have become more and more, well smart, people depended on them to do almost anything. Chatbots play into this trend by giving customers a way to begin and finalise a transaction straight from their mobile phone within a single chat interface.

You won’t lose that human touch

No one likes interacting with impersonal robots – including chatbots.

Despite the rise of social media, the “I want it now” culture and advancements in technology; people still need human interaction.

Chatbots do not eliminate this, but rather handle all the simple requests, leaving your agents with the more complex support calls. So your customers will always be able to have that human contact if and when they need it.

If a bot is unable to answer a question successfully, it can transfer the dialogue to a customer service representative in your contact centre. This options ensures customers do not become frustrated by being forced to speak with a chatbot.


By leveraging human contact and automated responders, you can save precious human resources and delight your customer at the same time.

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How other businesses are using chatbots

According to Gartner, more than 80% of customer interactions will be managed without humans by 2020. TechEmergence also expects chatbots to be the number one consumer applications  of AI over the next five years.

Statistics like these, have prompted big brands from all over the world to take this technology seriously and implement it into their customer service strategy.


Sephora, a makeup enterprise in America lets customers place an order through Kik and Ticketmaster clients can ask questions regarding their order or learn about other events through its automated recommendations function.


The continued growth of chatbots

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand what are chatbots and how they are beneficial to your business. It is time to embrace the role AI (artificial intelligence) is forming in the professional world.

With all these customer service advantages, it is easy to see why chatbots are revolutionising customer service as we know it. This simple piece of technology can give your clients a personalised experience without a live agent, increase sales and save time.

Investing in a chatbot for your call center can potentially take your customer service to the next level, help your agents have more time to solve complex issues and create new opportunities to turn customers into influential fans.

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